Antiduty: Rebelling against the corporate lifestyle while enjoying its benefits

The title: Was suggested by Neel. Murali and Chinni were exchanging some ideas and Murali suggested antidote. Neel immediately came back with antiduty. It seemed perfect, our search for the title over almost as soon as it started, Thanks Neel.

The tagline: Just to elaborate on the title, and to be funny.

Why blog now? Complaining about work is always fashionable. But what really happened was that our son is older now, and recently, for the first time in our lives, he decided to spend the night at his grandmother’s house. The evening initially felt hopeless and empty. But the prospect of finally having time for ourselves started to sink in. The time is ripe to indulge in some madness – blogging!

Cover art: Generously donated by Neel

About Us:


Chinni: For many years, there has been lurking within me, a tiny little creative spark. Along the way it picked up steam, airplane fuel and jet propellant. Right now, it has the power and intensity of a mega-ton nuclear fusion reaction – that’s correct, its fusion not fission. For a layperson, what that means, is that no one can stop me now from unleashing my creative energy upon the universe. No body. Not Mahatma Gandhi. Not Albert Einstein. Not giant millipedes, fire salamanders, or tube roses… not even Chihuahuas. Not a chance.


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